Grant Hudson has designed the brand NEW SILENT SY44 and said he was inspired by Michael Köhler vision to create the first solar electric super yachts silent yachts. Grant Hudson wanted to support this one step further by creating the first solar electric supercars in the world the SILENT SUPERCARS SC1.

Grant Hudson wanted to support 0 emissions 0 fuel into the air to leave behind him nothing but clean air in aid of preserving the world for his children and all those generations to come. He said other wise there will be nothing left if we continue to use fossil fuels.

Grant Hudson said over time 0 emissions in the yachting and boating industry could save our oceans and ocean life for the next generations.

Grant Hudson and Michael Köhler have shared many ideas to come to this point as far as the silent yachts are concerned and the propulsion system was concerned as he already had over 10 years’ experience in trial and error which made many issues be able to be overcome as the growing team became an ultimate one filled with knowledge.

Now Grant has gone out and done much research after designing the brand-new SILENT YACHTS SY44 working with aerodynamics and light weight materials that will last and ways to minimize waste, Grant has now put that same practice into the new SILENT SUPERCARS SC1.

Design: Aerodynamics was the first area in which the team have studied, second the light weight carbon fibre, 3rd the epoxy resin for strength, last the finish coat of paint.

Chassis: Has been also designed for the best layout for this supercar having the battery pack in the rear of the supercar not underneath, Grant did this for 2 reasons. 1. Most supercars have been balanced for the engine to be in the rear so it made sense. 2. It gave Grant Hudson more room below the seats so that the roof line could be in fact lower than if the batteries were layed flat on the chassis, this gave the car better aerodynamics, wind flow, and centre of gravity for this silent-supercar.

Solar Roof: Grant Hudson has done much research to develop a unique custom made solar cell integration into slightly curved glass panels to give the best results for solar charge to the lithium ion battery’s at the same time keep the look of the SILENT SUPERCARS SC1 appealing to the eye as one of the most beautiful looking supercars to date in the world.

Wheels: Aerodynamic wheels and tyres have been chosen carefully with experts in their field.

In summary the dream of the first solar electric silent supercar is now on the rise ready to be built in 2020 and we will start to take registers of interest and booking orders with deposit of 10% to hold a build slot which will fill the ( 44 ) Solar Electric Silent Supercars Sc1 and Sc11 with only ( 4 )Silent Stealth and ( 4 ) Silent-Superluminal with a total of only 52 released to the World in May 19 2020.

Any further enquiries please contact our head office in Australia.

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German meets Australian in the water and then on land.

Yachts and Supercars.

Solar-pioneers Heike und Michael Köhler have spent over 5000 days on board of their yachts and sailed over 75.000 NM all around the world. After 23 years using motorboats and sailboats on several oceans, Michael and Heike Köhler were sure that there must be a better way for the energy supply and propulsion of yachts. From 2005 to 2009 they tested alternative power sources on yachts, with energy production and consumption measurements and focus on self-sufficient power supply as well as electric propulsion.

From 2005 Heike and Michael gave lectures about these topics and published a book called “Energieversorgung auf Yachten” (“Energy Supply on Yachts”). Based on the results of five years and 15,000 NM of sailing on a test catamaran they started the design and construction of the

SOLARWAVE 46, a purely solar-powered yacht, the first fully self-sufficient bluewater-catamaran.

SOLARWAVE 46 was launched in 2009 and she was was the proof of concept. There are hundreds of solar boats and thousands of electric boats all over the world, but Solarwave 46 was the first oceangoing yacht that powered the propulsion as well as all household appliances exclusively by solar. This includes induction cooktops, stove, microwave, grill, freezers and fridges, air conditioning, washing machine, and water-maker. Even the dinghy motor and the electric motorbike were solar-charged. No fuel, no gas, but a lot of noiseless and emission free luxury.

In 2010 the SOLARWAVE 46 started a rigorous 5 years sea-trial. Heike and Michael crossed all of Europe by river, sailed the dangerous Black-Sea, the stormy Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea. This experience of more than 120 weeks was also enjoyed by hundreds of guests and visiting journalists. The functionality and sea-capability of this yacht were fully scrutinised and passed with flying colours. The solar catamaran accommodated 6 – 8 guests with electrically prepared full board, water-production, cooling and heating.

And on top of that the SOLARWAVE 46 was able to power the engines, every day under any weather-conditions, in storms of force 9 as well as in calm weather, with sun, rain, cloudy sky, snowfall and ice. During this period of 5 years there was no need for maintenance or repair-works, neither for the solar-plant nor the batteries or the electric-engine. The generator, which has to be on board for safety-reasons, was working for approx. 50 hours – primarily to avoid becoming rusty. During the same period of time the electric motors worked more than 2.000 hours – without any maintenance.

This was the proof, that this technology is head and shoulders above all other types of nautical propulsion. And that Michael Koehler’s SILENT System is suitable for self-sufficient sailing and life on board.

During the last years, Heike and Michael Köhler have received several awards honouring their R&D about alternative energy production and consumption on boats and their success to implement the results into real life luxury yachts. Today they produce high end yachts in different sizes and layouts that use the SILENT System to provide and manage the solar energy needed for propulsion, household and luxury life on board.

Grant Hudson loved their vision to protect the environment and work towards minimizing the oceans pollution from boating by utilising the sun for power that they joined forces and their teams and Grant Hudson finally realised his dream to create his own version the Silent 44 which would be built within Australia.

After this Michael and Grant began talking and Grant said it would be wonderful to have a yacht in the water and a car on land so the dream once again become a reality and the Silent-Supercar idea was born.

Due for their release in 2020 will be both the Silent 44 and the Silent-Supercars Limited Editions.

We look forward to hearing from you in 2020.


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